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Heico Earning App Is Real or Fake?

Heico Earning App

Alert ???? : Don’t Invest Now

heico is earning app which provides users different investment options and give a good amount of return in their fixed time segment.

Heico is unofficial platform which offers many investment . Heico doesn’t provide any information about their owner and their company.

They offer minimum withdrawal of 200 which will be the multiple of 100 like you can only withdraw 200 even if you have 240 or any amount between 200-300 .

Is It Real Or Fake

First thing this is unofficial app so don’t have any gurantee. Your money will be at risk and other thing is this type of company don’t last too long but for the short period of time it gives some profit to the users using promotion etc

I also invested in it and got my withdrawal but do invest at your own risk and please verify the company release date before investing or have extra money then it should be good for you.

It will give you 260 if you refer anyone and buyed any of plans. It will increase according to investment plans


Heico offers wide variety of investment plan’s, first it is categories as

  1. Efficient
  2. Required
  3. Surprise

You need to buy efficient one before using required or surprise plan.

Surprise and required plans can be withdraw daily if it reach 200 or more but efficient one is long term investment and you can’t withdraw any amount until last date of investment time.

How To Invest

First you need to register here

Register Here

After registration click on our app and download the apk and open it

Type the login details as you mentioned when creating account.

Go to Profit > Click On deposit > Add Sufficient amount for investment using any bankway.

Go to Invest and invest on your desire plan.

Suggested : 518 efficient + 280 required plan

Some Of The Plans

PMA partsDay Income:₹165.76Earnings Days:58 DaysTotal Income:₹9,614.08 Invest Amount:₹518.00Purchased: 0/78

Vip 0PMA partsDay Income:₹693.00Earnings Days:57 DaysTotal Income:₹39,501.00 Invest Amount:₹1,980.00Purchased: 0/67

Vip 0Large partsDay Income:₹1,976.00Earnings Days:55 DaysTotal Income:₹108,680.00 Invest Amount:₹5,200.00Purchased: 0/55

Vip 0Large partsDay Income:₹8,720.00Earnings Days:54 DaysTotal Income:₹470,880.00 Invest Amount:₹21,800.00Purchased: 0/46

Vip 0Precision partsDay Income:₹26,100.00Earnings Days:49 DaysTotal Income:₹1,278,900.00 Invest Amount:₹58,000.00Purchased: 0/37

Vip 0Precision partsDay Income:₹48,500.00Earnings Days:48 DaysTotal Income:₹2,328,000.00Invest Amount:₹97,000.00

Withdrawal Details

Daily Withdrawal Time

  • 10:00:00 ~ 20:30:00

Minimum Single Withdrawal Amount

  • ₹200.00

Maximum Single Withdrawal Amount

  • ₹50,000.00

Minimum Single Withdrawal Unit Amount

  • ₹100.00

Withdrawal Tax Rate

  • 4%

Number of withdrawals per day

  • 1

*In order to facilitate fund settlement, you can only apply for one withdrawal per day

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