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How To Redirect WordPress Website To Another Website

Redirect WordPress Website To Another Website


WordPress is one of the famous platform for website which is free until you don’t want to monetize it + required hosting which is costly . If you are not a begginer then you are good to go using wordpress required little knowledge about theme and plugins etc.

WordPress is best because there is no limit from wordpress side, you can customize your website as you desire using paid themes and paid plugins but on other there is limit in blogger

Also Good to achieve good seo ranking using plugins and track your website.


  • Required knowledge
  • Need money for both hosting and theme
  • Most Plugins are limited for free users you need to buy plugins
  • Not easy to use

Installation Of Script

  1. Access Your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Edit Your WordPress Theme
  3. Depending on your WordPress setup, you can edit your theme’s header.php file to add the JavaScript code.
  4. In the WordPress dashboard, go to “Appearance” > “Theme Editor.”
  5. On the right-hand side, you will see a list of theme files. Look for “header.php” in the list and click on it to open the file for editing.
  6. Add the JavaScript Code Inside the header.php file, add the following JavaScript code just before the closing </head> tag
  7. After adding the JavaScript code, click the “Update File” button to save your changes.

Uses of this script ?

May be you don’t understand the uses of this script.

  • You can take views from another website
  • Move blogger website to wordpress without lossing seo ranking
  • Help to use custom domain without lossing seo ranking
  • Also Increase views { Redirect to same website, Script have feature to set time }

Decrypt Code

Copy The Decrypt Code First


Features of script

Here are some advance feature

  • Added a timer
  • Redirect to any website
  • Blogger Widget Support
  • Not need to edit Theme html


In this article i show how to add redirect script to wordpress which redirect your site to new address . It will use in various purpose like to not loss seo ranking after shifting blogger to wordpress or WordPress to blogger . If you face any error please let me know .

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